Teclast X98 Air 3G uses upgraded Intel Bay Trail-T Z3736F processor which has 2.16GHz main frequency. It supports 64bit computing and the performance is two times faster than traditional 32bit tablet. The advanced 22nm process technology enables the tablet to consume lower power and decrease its heating.
By introducing IGZO Technology, the screen achieves up to 93% luminousness, 300 Lumen perfect screen brightness and 57% power save compare to former Retina Display.
X98 Air 3G has built-in 8500mAh large capacity lithium polymer battery. Plus Intel’s intelligent dynamic frequency technology, X98 Air has further decreased its power consumption. Hence, 8 hours usage of real life scenario and up to 6 hours 720P video playback is easily achievable.
4K is the new standard of high definition which is four times higher than the traditional 1080P resolution. X98 Air 3G perfectly supports 4K video playback without any lag. You can enjoy the smoothest 4K HD video playback on the retina display.

X98 Air 3G has built-in Top-class AAC dual speaker unit. With the professional sound chamber design, you turn on the music and you will feel the band is nearby.

tUI is developed by Teclast to coordinate with the Intel chip to achieve smooth touch response experience on Android 4.2. It fully utilizes the processor’s performance and use dynamic memory management to provide stable app launching and smooth gaming experience for users.